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"For many years I was unsatisfied with my smile because, since I was a child, my teeth were crooked. One of my bottom incisors crossed over the other and my upper canine stuck out. I was embarrassed by my smile. I did not like taking photographs and smiling with my teeth until a few months ago when I had the Invisalign® treatment from Dr. Svetlana Gomer at MGS Tewksbury Dental.

I was afraid to hear that the treatment would be an eighteen-month process. However, the aligners were invisible and most people did not notice them. The aligners were removable so I could take them out when I had important meetings or events to attend. I am a very busy guy and using Invisalign did not interrupt my lifestyle.

I am glad that I chose Invisalign over the metal braces. I have heard horrible stories about metal braces being painful. My aligners were so comfortable that sometimes I forgot I even had them on. I have also heard that people had problems with food getting stuck in their metal braces. I was glad I did not have to go through that. All I had to do was to remove my aligners when I ate.

My new smile changed my life. I became more social, started to smile more, and people also commented on my new smile. I always wanted to have straight teeth, but I never thought it would look so great. After all, having a confident smile can change everything.”

- Alex Z., North Andover


“Recently I have been suffering from cavities. I found myself distracted from work and other activities by my pain. When I arrived at Dr. Svetlana Gomer’s office, I was expecting a stressful and uncomfortable day, however, I was surprised. The staff were friendly, the facilities were clean, and the Doctor was informative and at ease. By the end of the appointment, I didn’t even cringe at the idea of coming again for my next month’s cleaning! Thank you MGS Tewksbury Dental!”

- Susan M., Andover


“I've been going to the office of Dr. Svetlana Gomer for more then a year now. The office is very clean and welcoming. Dr. Svetlana Gomer is very patient. She takes the time to listen to what the problem is and to review what needs to be done. From the first appointment, I was convinced that she cares about me as her patient. I am very happy with all the work Dr. Svetlana Gomer has done for me and would definitely recommend this office!”

- Boris C., North Andover


“I came all the way down from West Virginia to fix my teeth. Dr. Svetlana Gomer is the best dentist that you can find on the East coast. I was really amazed by the service MGS Tewksbury Dental provided, extremely friendly and professional people. Once you go through the door, you can feel that the whole MGS Tewksbury Dental office really cares about your mouth and it's very important to me when the Doctor actually cares about their patients. I would recommend everyone to go there and check/fix your teeth, no joke!!!! I usually don't write even satisfied services on the web, but this service is VERY GOOD!!! Thank you Dr. Svetlana Gomer and god bless you!.”

- Denis K., West Virginia


“I am very satisfied with my MGS Tewksbury Dental experience. Treatments are always fully explained and every effort is made to lessen anxiety and increase comfort during dental procedures. I am very happy with MGS Tewksbury Dental!”

- Jessie R.,Tewksbury


"I went in to MGS Tewksbury Dental for a cleaning one day and was blown away by my experience from start to finish. The staff was fantastic and my teeth felt great, except for a chip in my front tooth and my missing lateral.I had always assumed a permanent replacement would be out of the question financially.

After the cleaning, Dr. Svetlana Gomer talked to me about some options that were available. She took impressions of my teeth and on my next visit, she had a whole write up of my different options (solutions available, insurance coverage, out-of-pocket costs, payment plans, etc). I finally decided to go for it! Now, I can show off my smile without being self-conscious and I'm the most confident I've been in a while. Thank you Dr. Svetlana Gomer and crew!"

- Joe R., Nashua, NH


“I've been going to MGS Tewksbury Dental for a few years now and have been very pleased with the service and the quality of work. Dr. Svetlana Gomer has done a great job fixing up some of the poor crown work I had done in years past and she always does a good job of explaining what needs to be done and the options available. I'm happy to recommend MGS Tewksbury Dental to others looking for a new dentist."

- John T., Andover


“My wife recommended MGS Tewksbury Dental to me and she told me how happy she was with her Dentist and her care. Walking into a friendly, comfortable office where staff welcomed me, put me at ease. They made me feel like family! My experience there has been a pleasure; unusal words when speaking of dental work, but it's the truth. Dr. Svetlana Gomer worked on my teeth with absolutely no pain. After each procedure, the staff called to check on me. Dr. Svetlana Gomer corrected my front teeth with veneers, and that alone changed my smile and how I feel about my appearance. I am so glad that I went to MGS Tewksbury Dental to have my teeth taken care of. Thank you so much MGS Tewksbury Dental staff and Dr. Svetlana Gomer! ”

- Kevin S., Tewksbury


“For insurance reasons, I needed alot of work done asap and Dr. Svetlana Gomer worked on my mouth for 4 straight hours and the MGS Tewksbury Dental staff was able to make the appointment without advanced notice. Simply oustanding.”

- Maria C., Tewksbury